Shinshu Shinanomachi Healing Forest

The scent of woodlands and the rustling sounds of leaves combined with the refreshing chill of fresh streams, breathing in fresh air, filling your lungs with passion...
Shinanomachi’s authorized forest medical trainers will awaken your 5 senses to allow you to fully experience the joy of the forest.

All the secrets of the forest which would be hidden by just a simple stroll will be reinvigorated when participating in our forest therapy program. You can become truly acquainted with the beauty and wonder of the forest and find undiscovered comforts within. We can offer a selection of different activities in combination with the forest therapy program.

Refresh your tired body and mind and cleanse your soul. Recharge your energy to continue to add an extra stride in your step. Whether you are alone, or as a family, or even if you are someone who is not confident in your physical strength, we will guide you in summer or winter,

What is forest therapy?

Forest therapy is a healing practice based on the scientific study of “forest bathing”. The aim is to maintain your physical and mental health by participating in various forest related activities, which in turn prevents illness. In Japan, the Forest Therapy Society has certified forests nationwide known as the "Forest Therapy Base / Therapy Road ®".

Forest Therapy Society Website (English)

Shinshu Shinanomachi
Healing Forest Program

Forest therapy

A forest medical trainer will show you the beauty and fun of nature. Forests have the power to condition the mind, body and boost immunity. You will be amazed at how refreshed you feel while exploring the sounds and scents of nature.
Experience alone, with a family, or as a group. An English-speaking trainer can also be arranged.

Harf Day
9:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00
One Day
For one person 26,000 yen 41,000 yen
For 2 - 5 people 33,000 yen 53,000 yen
Popular Courses we offer

Half Day Kurohime - Kogen Ojika Pond Course
Half Day Lake Nojiri – Zou-no-Komichi (Elephant Path) Course
One Day Fitness Course - Naena Waterfall (a.k.a Earthquake waterfall) Course
* We will help you choose the best course in regards to the season and weather conditions.


Healing Forest Lodging

The Healing Forest Lodging accommodation, which is certified by Shinano Town, aims to entertain our customers with a truly relaxing experience. Healthy meals full of local ingredients, herbal teas, and aroma scents.

lodging fee

1 night with 2 meals 11,000 yen / 12,650 yen / 14,300 yen / person (depending on the lodge)
Enjoy their special homemade breakfast and dinner.


Lunch box

You can order a "macrobiotic lunch" that does not use animal protein.


1,300 yen (inc. tax.)


Other Activities
  • Yoga (2hrs)
  • Aromatherapy (2hrs)
  • Craft (1-2hrs)
  • Nordic walking (2hrs)
  • Snow-Shoeing (3hrs) etc.

Contact us in order to arrange a suitable time.

more↓ Lunch and Other Activities (Japanese)


Reservation / Enquiry
026-255-5925(Enquiry Desk Open Hours 9:00-17:00)
Reservation Form (Japanese)

photo: Naena Waterfall Course